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Dio Deka – 10/10/08

By Carl Haynes, October 10, 2008 6:36 pm

On Friday we visited Dio Deka, a greek restaurant in Los Gatos.

I had the baklava which was tasty and crisp. It had a good amount of pistachios and just a touch too little syrup for my taste. I like my baklava really sweet and sticky. It came with a small amount of banana gelato which was quite good (Maya enjoyed it) and a slice of banana with some carmelized sugar on top, always a favorite.

Susan ordered the Mill-fay, which we had never had before, but sounded interesting. Upon seeing it (it is huge) our eyes must have popped out of our head as the waiter assured us that we could take the leftovers home. They must get that reaction a lot.

The mill-fay is a tower of Puff Pastry layered with cream. The cream has just a hint of rum. the mill-fay was good, but I actually though it was better the next day after sitting in our fridge overnight. I think the cold stiffened up the cream some and gave it a little better texture.

Service was wonderful, we arrived about 9:30 and were immediately seated. They brought a high chair quickly and gave Maya lots of smiles.

Looking back over the menu, I think I should have tried something other than the baklava, probably the yiaourti which sounds a little more interesting. Its hard for me to resist baklava though.

Dio Deka
210 E Main St
Los Gatos, CA 95030

website (Dessert Menu)

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