The Prolific Oven – 11/13/09

By Carl Haynes, November 14, 2009 3:28 am

All week long when I asked Maya if she wanted Cake or Ice Cream for Dessert Friday, she responded with “Cake!”, so we decided to find some cake. The Prolific Oven is a small chain (I think they have 4 restaurants) that have a good selection of cake by the slice.

Maya had the chocolate on chocolate and proceeded to eat the frosting and didn’t want much of the cake

11-13-09 - Prolific Oven

The cake itself was fine, if a bit dry. It had a good chocolatey taste and was perfectly acceptable.

I had the pumpkin cake and was unimpressed. It did not have much pumpkin flavor and I though the fruit and nuts that were within the cake were much too large. It had what I assume is a cream cheese frosting, but was also lacking in flavor.

11-13-09 - Prolific Oven

Overall, the bakery is ok in a pinch, especially if its in your neighborhood, but don’t go too far out of your way to visit.

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