Pinkberry – 07/03/09

By Carl Haynes, July 13, 2009 4:40 pm

OK, one of our tenets is to not visit chains, but we made an exception for Pinkberry after curiosity got the best of us.

We were bored the other night and really wanted ice cream, I suggested Pinkberry, mostly because I knew Maya could run around as much as she wanted while eating the yogurt.

The line was out the door, but moved pretty quickly. There’s only 4 flavors so why does it take people so long to sample all of them?

We ordered and got our yogurt quickly as we like it plain, without any toppings.

Maya - July 2009

I got plain and Susan got a Passionfruit/coconut combo. We both liked it fine, didn’t think it was anything special but it did taste good on a warm summer evening.

It certainly got the thumbs up from Maya.

Maya - July 2009

We’ve since tried Red Mango and a few others and found them all to be pretty similar. Pinkberry is more family friendly because of the location but we’ll probably return to whichever one is closest without caring about the brand.

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