Real Ice Cream – 04/03/09

By Carl Haynes, April 6, 2009 3:14 pm

On Friday we travelled to Santa Clara for a visit to Real Ice Cream, an indian ice cream place that is also a cafe. We were interested in trying some of the flavors that you don’t get at your typical ice cream place. I had the Cardamom and the Falooda. Susan had the Rum & Raisin (her favorite) and Lychee.

I thought the Cardamom was the best of the bunch, had a nice aftertaste that left you thinking, “yep, that’s cardamom”. The Falooda was interesting (and bright pink). It has a rose flavor and we couldn’t identify what was mxed into it, was it the Falooda seeds? It was chewy and not very flavorful, ina Falooda drink you normally have noodles, maybe thats what it was? I still have no idea.

Dessert Friday - Real Ice Cream - 04/03/09

Susan liked the Rum Raisin but I thought it tasted a little artificial. Overall the ice cream was passable but not great. I’m still annoyed at places that load up their ice cream with artificial colors and this place goes overboard, the rose ice cream is pinker than any rose I’ve ever seen.

Dessert Friday - Real Ice Cream - 04/03/09

I wouldn’t go here for great ice cream, but they do have some fun flavors.

Dessert Friday - Real Ice Cream - 04/03/09

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