Gochi — 02/27/09

By Carl Haynes, March 2, 2009 3:52 pm

On Friday we visited Gochi Japanese Fusion Tapas for Dessert Friday. I had been there once before, a few years ago, for dinner and enjoyed it so we thought we’d se how dessert fared.

We arrived about 9:30 and were promptly seated, we took one of their low tables in the middle of the restaurant that space underneath for your legs (a welcome nod to us Americans who can’t sit for long on the floor!). We should have taken one of the side tables so we could have had a high chair as Maya does a little better when she’s contained. She was fine but kept wanting to get up and wander off.

We had to wait a bit for our order to be taken, I think we were forgotten as the person who seated us finally came back and asked if our order had been taken yet and apologized when we said no.

I ordered the black sesame ice cream ($5.00) and Susan ordered the Yuzu Mouse ($5.00). We took advantage of the free green tea.

The black sesame ice cream was tasty, with three hearty scoops for our five bucks. We couldn’t tell if it was store bought or house made which is a good thing, it was creamy without much hint of being too long in the freezer. The black sesame added a nice savory flavor to it and is a flavor I’d try again.

Maya - 03-01-09

The Yuzu mouse was tart refreshing. The mouse had a little bit of a strange texture but we couldn’t quite put our fingers on why we thought it was odd. It came with a very sugary syrup at the base which was good when combined with the mouse. Not having had Yuzu before we were not quite sure what to expect. For us, it tasted a bit too lemony, in fact if we hadn’t seen the menu we would have guessed it was a lemon mouse. It was fine, but we were just hoping to taste something a bit different.

Maya - 03-01-09

Overall we liked it, and the staff were friendly. I don’t think we would recommend going just for dessert but if we were there for dinner, we’d order the desserts again.

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