Tamarine – 01/16/08

By Carl Haynes, January 19, 2009 2:19 pm

On Friday we loaded up the Dessert Fridaymobile and headed out to visit Tamarine, a Vietnamese place in Palo Alto.

Tamarine - 01/16/09

Tamarine strives to be an “upscale” Vietnamese restaurant, the first hint being we couldn’t find the door. It was hidden behind some curtains (maybe they do that to keep the cold out?). The hostess saw us wandering around and gestured to indicate where the door was. The place was packed but she said they could fit us in. After I saw her grabbing the menus, I remembered to tell her that we were just there for dessert. All of a sudden they were full and she had to “ask her manager” if they can find us a seat. No big deal, I understand that they want people who will be paying for a full dinner, but still kind of weird.

Well, I guess the manager thought we were ok because we got out seat. They brought out a baby seat and we were set to go. Our waiter was very friendly and engaging, even Maya liked him! We ordered tea ($4.00!) and I ordered the banana biegnets ($8.00) and Susan ordered the pineapple crepe (also $8.00).

The pineapple crepe was nice, the crepe was tender and the pineapples were grilled (I think). It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which was fine but not spectacular. Maya enjoyed it but the vanilla flavor was somewhat muted.

Tamarine - 01/16/09

The banana beignets were nice and tested freshly fried. The bananas were sweet and soft. The coconut ice cream was somewhat of a miss without a lot of flavor.

Tamarine - 01/16/09

We enjoyed the restaurant and the service was quite good. We thought the desserts were fine but nothing stood out as extraordinary. Overall I would not recommend going just for the desserts.

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