Habana Cuba Restaurant – 11/21/08

By Carl Haynes, November 23, 2008 3:15 am

After our aborted attempt to visit Habana Cuba in San Jose last week, we decided to give it another try on Friday.

We rolled up about 9:00 (about a half hour earlier than last week, just in case) and found a parking spot directly in front of the restaurant. We walked in a got a half-hearted grunt from one of the employees sitting by the door texting on his phone, we then go seated by another person who walked up a few seconds later.

We got the menus and Susan didn’t have to read any further than “Sweet plantains” in the description of Platanos Borrachos (Sweet plantains smothered in Prager’s Chocolate Port, topped with vanilla ice cream, $6.00). I was conflicted between the rice pudding and the Cascos de Guayaba (Guava shells, submerged in a sweet guava sauce, topped with cream cheese, $4.00), I chose the guava, I should have chosen the rice pudding.

Our desserts arrived literally within two minutes of placing the order. In a word, the desserts were lazy. For my guava, they just opened a can dumped some canned guava with the sugar juice and sliced off a hunk of cream cheese and stuck it in a bowl. It was terrible, about as bad a dessert as you can get.

Habana Cuba Restaurant

Luckily the plantains were a little better but not much. The plantains were nice and sweet but tasted like they had been cooked much earlier in the day. They would have been much better had they come right out of the oil, or at least warm. The ice cream tasted like standard supermarket brand vanilla, at least the fruit on top looked fresh.

Overall we got the picture of a lazy kitchen which just threw some stuff together from the cheapest ingredients it could fine without any thought to quality or taste.

At least Maya liked the ice cream.

Habana Cuba Restaurant

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