Cocola Bakery – 9/19/08

By Carl Haynes, September 19, 2008 6:13 pm

The dessert Friday that kicked it off. Before there was an official Dessert Friday, we were bored on a Friday night (and hungry). “Let’s get some dessert.” I said. Never one to turn down dessert, Susan agreed. We knew we liked the bakery at Santana Row, so without thinking too much about it we made our way there. When we saw the crowds we almost turned around, but decided if we can easily find a parking spot we’d stay.

Without to much circling, we found the spot and then got in line for the treats.  Cocola is nice in that it has lots of outdoor seats along an side-sidewalk. When we sit near the back, Maya can run around the fountain without bothering other customers.

The tarts and cakes at Cocola are always good. I can’t remember exactly what we had (I’m writing this three weeks later) But I believe we had a mango mouse cake and a three kinds of chocolate cake. I do remember that they tasted pretty darn good.

As we sat there enjoying our treats, the idea of Dessert Friday was born. We decided that we liked the idea of just going out for dessert because we can visit lots of places on our meager budget and can get in and out pretty quickly before Maya has a chance to get too bored. I liked the idea of training Maya to sit and behave nicely at nice restaurants. Going for dessert also gives us the opportunity to go to restaurants later, avoiding the crowds and we also didn’t want to take away a table from a restaurant that could be used to serve a full meal to someone.

Plus we love dessert!

Cocola Bakery
333 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128

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